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41mm 13mm
42mm 13,4mm
43mm 13,7mm
44mm 14,0mm
45mm 14,3mm
46mm 14,6mm
47mm 15,0mm
48mm 15,3mm
49m 15,6mm
50mm 15,9mm
51mm 16,2mm
52mm 16,5mm
53mm 16,8mm
54mm 17,2mm
55mm 17,5mm
56mm 17,8mm
57mm 18,1mm
58mm 18,4mm
59mm 18,8mm
60mm 19,1mm
61mm 19,4mm
62mm 19,7mm
63mm 20,0mm
64mm 20,3mm
65mm 20,6mm
66mm 21,0mm
67mm 21,3mm
68mm 21,6mm
69mm 22,0mm
70mm 22,3mm
71mm 22,6mm
72mm 22,9mm
73mm 23,2mm
74mm 23,5mm
75mm 23,9mm
76mm 24,2mm


Do not know your ring size? Here are some tips on how to quickly and easily determine your ring size. Our fingers, of course, are not all equally thick and each man has differently thick fingers. In most cases, the fingers of the working hand are also more pronounced. Due to the blood circulation and movement, our fingers are often thicker in the evenings than in the early morning. In large summer heat, our finger rings tend to stretch a little more than in the cold winter. Despite this, the diameter of the knuckle is usually decisive in an average hand, not the finger itself behind the joint. Please note this and neglect winter and summer time at your ring purchase. We have 2 usual ring size systems, which unfortunately are not very identical. The somewhat more familiar size distribution for finger rings is the indication of the inner circumference of the ring. Usually rings of stainless steel or silver rings are available in 2-step sizes: 52 54 56 58 60 62 etc. The second size system is the division according to the inner diameter of the ring. This gives great things like 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 etc. Of course, for us all very easy, since we had mathematics and school duty in Germany - from the diameter of the circumference and vice versa. However, first of all we must have a ring size, according to which we can judge. A wide ring must be bought a number larger than a narrow ring. A narrow ring can also tilt much faster. The feel for a small ring makes it seem a little bigger, even if you try parallel to the same ring size a wider ring. Ring size determination for the partner. If you want to give your partner or partnering a ring and do not know the correct size of the ring, then try an already fitting ring of your girlfriend or your friend on your own fingers. Remember which finger the ring fits with you and you have a fairly safe reference point for the ring size. Of course, this is not possible if you want to order the ring. E.g. One of the current stainless steel rings in an onlineshop or at a - usually somewhat more expensive - ebay supplier. You go to a jeweler or jewelery store of your choice and ask for the ring size. Of course, you can not count on enthusiasm when you only go to the jewelery shop to measure your finger. My tip -> Go to an expensive jeweler, the profit margins are correspondingly high, that the personnel use does not hurt anybody. A somewhat daring method is measuring the finger with the sliding gauge. Please note that the ankle may be slightly stronger than the finger behind the ankle. If you have a suitable ring, you can measure the piece of jewelery or better the inside diameter of the ring * s with a ruler and get a fairly exact ring size determination. Measure the size of the finger or the circumference with a piece of cloth or a twine. You can easily measure this thread with a ruler or a trolley and get the inner circumference of a ring. Perhaps minimally something for the knoechel and that the ring fits at all on the finger. Use our ring size template for printing. Check the control to make sure your printer is printing at the right scale and measure using the ring template. Tags: ring size, measure, measure, ring, finger ring, measure, engagement ring


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