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Rough - Amethyst crystal 1000-1350grams
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Genuine Amber Jewelry

Find here a wide range of amber jewelry: chains - pure amber or shaped in silver, pendants, bracelets and bangles, earrings and earstuds and prayer beads, Since ancient times, the beauty of Baltic amber has inspired people all over the world to seek out and collect amber-jewelry. It's called the nature's living gemstone. Every woman has room in her jewelry-box- which you find here, too, for a warm, romantic piece of amber- jewelry.

We also offer raw stones as well as powder to make your own cosmetics.

Most of our amber is in the range of 30–90 million years old. So you can be sure, that you wear an extraordinary piece of history on your body. Here you will find a wide selection of amber jewelry : chains of natural amber or amber pendant set in silver , processed trailers from natural amber bracelets and amber tire , earrings and amber stud earrings and prayer beads made ​​of amber to wonderful amber jewelry . The stones are warm , noble and romantic. Amber jewelry are very light and comfortable on the skin . The gem has a beneficial effect on the body and Geist.Die natural amber color , almost everyone knows and almost everyone also knows that the amber jewelry is made of tree sap that is many thousand years old. We also have rough stones and amber powder for cosmetics manufacture in the range.

KAT2_1.jpgAmber for our jewelry between 30 and 90 million years old. Amber jewelry is the oldest jewelry in human history. You can therefore be sure that you are wearing a unique piece of history on your body . Because ambers such a long time need to incur in order to act in the finished state reassuring , since centuries relativize your daily life stress experience. About two thousand years ago , the Romans began to spread in the Germanic Empire , and also to errrichten the known boundary wall between peoples, the Limes . The Teutons , the exclusivity of amber were early aware and they set amber jewelery and cult objects from Berntsen ago . The Germans, who were called by the Romans loving barbarians , readily and frequently traded with the empire as they exchanged the golden , light stone with the Romans against vessels and jewelry made of metal. The " Germanic gold " in the form of amber jewelry is still very popular .

Amber Jewelry

We produce this amber-jewelry for wholesale.