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Tiger Iron obelisk
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Natural Silk dark pinkNatural

Natural Silk 100% dark pink with needle

The color of rose quartz leaves the pink rose quartz stone, rose quartz beads emerge intense. But rhyolite beads look on this color strung out very well and contrasty. Pink color is this Bead Cord in excellent German quality that is appreciated worldwide. seidenkarte_200.jpg This rose quartz colored Bead Cord 100% natural silk is ideal for threading to own chains. Best after each pearl jewelry set a node, but need not be. Since this is a high-quality natural materials in this chain silk, it also has excellent wear characteristics and can be very good and fast process. The jewelry production is even more fun with this professional work material for manufacturing chain. This Fädelseide created quickly and simply a refined, supple piece of jewelry. The nodes can be very accurately set your stone chain. Since the needle is already installed in the thread, the work is easier and cleaner. Their chain of minerals or other material is made quickly and neatly. The thread is very tear resistant and thus does not need to be taken twice, and he is thus much easier to handle, because not always a thread is longer than the other, also occur when nodes no longer the unsightly loops, how can arise with cheap material . You do not need metal parts such Crimpröhrchen or Crimpkugeln, it can all be easily knotted with this silk thread. We offer these Perlseide in four different strengths. To recommend the average strengths are fine and strong, because they are suitable for the most Fädelmaterial - for the holes of the most precious stone or pearl jewelry.

For very small holes in jewelry accessories are the extra fine thread thickness and extra strong for very large drilled pearls. We strongly recommend yarn thickness, if the color is used as a contrast. 2m of thread with a needle mounted on a cards.

Natural Silk dark pink 0,90mm
1,88 EUR
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Natural Silk dark pink 1,05mm
1,88 EUR
0,94 EUR meter
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Natural Silk dark pink