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Orange Aventurine stones 500g
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Dolphins are mammals and belong to the family of whales. They are sometimes called porpoises. In mythology, the dolphin appeared again and again and because it is so positive features rumored, they were even used as an emblem. Dolphins are also used in the esoteric and the hippy movement as a symbol. Dolphins are popular figures not only in novels but also processed as a pendant or many other variants. Gemstone Define communication are the positive qualities, vitality, elegance, dynamism and vitality rumored. Dephine also be used for therapies.

Fluorite Dolphin

Fluorite Dolphin

50 x 13 x 23 mm Fluorite stone figure engraved by hand.

Shipping time: 2-5 Days*
32,13 EUR
19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
Crystal Quartz Dolphin

Crystal Quartz Dolphin

Size: 50 x 25 x 15 mm
Crystal Quartz Dolphin stone figure is engraved by hand.

Crystal Quartz Dolphin ist momentan ausverkauft !
Shipping time: 2-5 Days*
21,42 EUR
19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
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