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Half Ball Earrings 5mm Earstud Silver 925
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Paulchen Lion
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Ear Pendant Silver 925 Sterling Silver

Ear Pendant made of real Sterling Silver 925.

Silver Ear Pendant with Motiv.Earrings with motifs from real silver. Worked small motifs like animals in silver and captured with a silver ear hooks. The silver earrings with attractive designs are partly worked and partly sculptural worked only from one side. Displayed images can be crosses, animals, pentagrams and other symbols or Om. Little angels and elves, we have also as earrings in sterling silver. The silver earrings with various topics motifs fit many other jewelry pieces, whether they wear a gem stone necklace or a pendant on leather strap.

Earrings Silver 925 Motiv

There are many different forms and themes that are worked as earrings.There used to be such a wide range of earrings with different sports and hobbies just as earstuds, by and by many forms are also in demand as a e and ar hangers and in sequence also fabricated.The advantage of earrings over the small plugs is the variable size which is still very limited in the very small plugs.Thus, the relationships of the size but can be better represented at free-hanging earrings.