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Gemstone Varieties
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Citrin Tumble Stone Bracelet 10-12mm
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Semi-precious Stone Pendants

Pendants made of semi-precious gemstones in different sizes and styles.
If you want to use your pendant for healing purposes, we recommend to wear it with direct contact to the skin. You can just browse through the stones on a pendant and intuively choose the one you like. Often this is just the right choise as your body sends signals as to which one it longs for.

Gemstone Pendants

We got any kind of jewelry that fits to any style. It's fashion jewelry for wholesale and we are proud to offer high quality pieces at extremely reasonable prices. Here you find your perfect accessory for very special occasions or for your everyday life.Pendants are the ideal gift for every need, we can offer you gold and silver pendants, equipped with many types of jewelry, emeralds, crystals and semi-precious stones. Donut holder stones go well with every pendant and you extend your pendant with the gem stones that you wish.In stories about shamans, healers and medicine mans you will find that they always wear pendants with pearls and stones directly on their body to increase their mystical power. They live in harmony with nature and are able to channel the ancient spirits through these beads. You too can profit from this old power with your own choice of pendant.We are obliged to point out that the effect of gemstones, healing stones, minerals and crystals isnot scientifically proved or medically accepted. It doesn't substitute medical advice or help. Whatwe wrote on this website is just our opinion and is not meant as instruction for therapy ordiagnosis in a medical meaning.Jewelry pendants are very easy to variegate, because you can recombine any kind of gem and accessory. In our shop, you find the perfect necklaces and ribbons for the pendants, too.

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