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Coral Jewellery

  • For coral jewelry, only unprotected species or synthetic coral are used due to species protection.
  • Of course, there are also old stocks that have been in storage for many years and coral is also pressed together from small particles.
  • Unfortunately, coral is also partially destroyed in Asia by tourist use, mostly speedboats near the beach, so that entire beaches can be found with small pieces washed up on the shore.
  • The coral or the synthetic substitute material is cleaned before processing into jewelry, partially polished and then cut into the appropriate shape.
  • Coral was or is actually always dyed for jewelry processing, especially in the case of red coral. Because this is also necessary for the varieties that are not protected as these usually have no or very brownish colors. The most commonly used coral species is Melithaea ochracea, which is not yet protected. 

Coral Jewellery

Coral-jewellery made from professional handikrafts. The really red colour of coral is made stronger alsoat some cora jewellery parts with the resin. The resin also makes the jewellery stronger, makes it possible to use slim slices only. And it makes the red coral jewellery more red. Also its possible this way to make bigger pieces because many small coral parts can put together to get one bigger jewellery pert of coral. Our coraljewellery wholesale let produce the pendants and earrings in a small factory in Thailand. We can produce also your own designs and shapes for your brand.