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Beautiful pearls, some combined with Sterling Silver.
Our freshwater cultured pearls are authentic pearls, i.e. not carved out of the shell itself.
Pearl, being one of the ancient commodities in market, was also a kind of tributes to the Emperors of Imperial China. In the modern world, pearls are favorite collection of ladies and gentlemen in the upper level. The fascination round pearls attract numerous admirers in social gatherings, as well as interests aroused by their shapes and colors. Pearls are organic gems, created when an oyster covers a foreign object with beautiful layers of nacre. Having cultivated by different types of oysters, they can be classified as follows:

Freshwater Pearls Pearls cultivated in mussels which can find in fresh water lakes and rivers, originated in rivers of Eastern China at Yangtze River. Freshwater pearls generally are elongated in shape and have a milky translucent appearance. Their wide range of interesting shapes and colors make up in fashion appeal for their relatively low value than the other types of pearls, making them quite popular. Freshwater pearls are also quite durable, resisting chipping, wear, and degeneration.

South Sea Pearls Pearls are cultivated by white-lipped oyster (Pinctada Maxima) and found in the area extending from Philippines and Indonesia down to Australia and across to French Polynesia. South Sea pearls also have a subtle array of colors, typically white, silver, and golden, which are rare in other pearl types. They range in size from 9 mm to as large as 20 mm and command premium prices because of their relative rarity and large size...

Tahitian Pearls Pearls cultivated by the black-lipped oyster (Pinctada margaritifera) in the islands of French Polynesia. Tahitian pearls are black and the natural dark color makes these pearls very unique and valuable. Truly black pearls are extremely rare, and of the colored overtones, the peacock-green variety is the most valuable. They range in size from about 9 mm to over 16 mm.

Akoya Pearls They are the classic cultured pearls of Japan. The akoya oyster is the smallest pearl-producing oyster, so Akoya pearls also tend to be small, ranging in size from about 2 to 11 mm. Their natural colors normally range from light pink, white or yellowish. They also tend to be the most consistently round and near-round pearls, making them ideal in terms of matching for multi-pearl jewelry.

Pearl Jewellery

We produce these pearl-jewelry for wholesale.