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Capsules made of Stainless Steel

Pendant in the form of beautiful capsules in absolute top quality! The capsule term comes from the Latin (CAPSA) and means case. The small, mostly round container has a cavity on the purpose of secret keeping. These capsule is a great trinket, which in the typical Stainless steel gloss self-awareness. You can small love massages, mini photos or, and that is the very idea of such a capsule, you preserve medicine. In small containers is enough room for a pulverchen or minipill. The silver cross on the dark part of the capsule indicates a drug. A stable stainless steel thread holds the capsule fireproof. You can trinket with a leather strap combine or on a stainless steel chain. The latter fits from the material terms best. There is another use for the small capsule: for your dog or your small catkin! If your pet quieten is gone it can be found, because a leaflets with the address has in the capsule loose space.

Stainless Steel Capsule

Stainless Steel Capsule

High - quality Stainless steel pendant in the form of a capsule to boltand hide small embassies or medicines. The capsule is a total of 25 mmhigh. The black part Stainless steel (13 mm) on the front a Silverkreuz - frill. On the back is the words: "Stainless steel". The silverpart (15 mm) has the thread, which the capsule fireproof. The eyelet (6mm in diameter) of purity is round and large enough for a strongleather strap or a Stainless steel chain.
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Stainless Steel Capsules