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Spinel Gemstone Beads faceted 4mm Ø 32cm
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Jewelry with tree of life theme

The World Tree or Tree of Life is in many religions and faiths occurring symbol.

Tree of life pendants and earrings with this szmbol we offer here in silver 925 jewellerz. the meaning is known all over the world.

tree of life pendant and earrings made of sterling silverIn Norse mythology it is called Yggdrasil, among the Hebrews it is the tree of life, in India the Asvattha-tree, in the Bible the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Buddha in Thailand. In many fairy tales appear on trees as a symbol, too.

This mythical trees are often regarded as the seat of the gods or residence of various mytischer creatures, they are magical powers attributed or even serve as a support of the entire cosmos. The exact requirements vary as well as the implementation of a jewel.

tree of life silver bead In recent years, the popularity of the World Tree has risen steadily at jewelry, so there are now a large number of different designs and uses of this powerful symbol.

In our shop we offer in addition to trailers and matching earrings and silver beads for jewelery production. You can also produce highly individual jewelery itself, fitting to our world tree pieces. Combine these silver beads with gemstone beads of your choice for truly unique jewelry.

Tree of life