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Jewelry craft instruction for neklace without clasp

Jewelry craft instruction for neklace without clasp:

Jewelry craft instruction. Gemstone neklace.As material little is needed:

     Gemstone beads or other pearls
     2 crimp beads or crimp tubes / crimps
     Stainless steel wire / jewelry wire
Jewelry craft instruction for semi-precious stones
  • Through one or more beads, the jewelry wire is guided twice, and on each side is a crimping bead, through which the wire also runs twice.
Crimping tool for crimp and beading.
  • Now, the distances are reduced so that no wire is seen between the beads and the crimp beads are squeezed together, crimped, whereby the wire ends can not slip.
neklace crafting. Jewelry craft instruction.
  • Done is the chain.

    Benefits of Endless Necklaces:

         Extremely cheap, because no closure of silver or gold or similar is needed.
         This type of necklace is very fast to make and to tinker, because no knots are needed, between the individual beads.
         Endless necklaces are very sturdy because no jewelry clasp can open or come loose.
         If the necklace does not like it anymore, you can simply cut it up and use the beads again for the production of other chains. Only the jewelry wire and some crimps / crimps you need again.
The crimps, the crimp beads can be found in our online shop, as well as the pliers, for stable crimping. These special pliers have a small notch with which the crimp bead (crimp bead) is compressed with particular stability on the jewelery wire. Of course, if you can not afford to buy the crimping tool for the beginning, then you can also use another pair of pliers. Jewelry Steel wire is always surrounded by a layer of vinyl or nylon, which protects it from corrosion and rapid abrasion. Also colored jewelery wire is always tinted inside in this protective layer. Do not forget to order some closures. You will sooner or later consume them very quickly.