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Meteorit Tektit
Meteorit Tektit
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  • Meteorit-pendant

    A real shooting star (iron meteorite).

    Rarities from other worlds. Charming iron meteorites, beautiful belly.
    Each piece is unique and a greeting from space.
    Location: Campo del Cielo, Argentina

    Size about 12-16 mm. Weight about 1.5 to 3.5 g.

    The following is an excerpt from the wikipedia for your information.

    Campo-del-Ciel-meteorites, these iron meteorites, the first time in 1576 in what is now Argentina were discovered. A Spanish governor learned of reports of native Indians, according to which iron had fallen from the sky. He then sent an expedition that brought back several fragments. The site, a low-water level, bore the appropriate name Campo del Cielo (field of heaven). About 200 years later, the Spaniards sent another expedition, as suspected, was that some fragments contained silver. The reports of the Indians but they gave no credence because it was assumed that the origin of the metal is an iron mine. Here a Marine lieutenant was supposedly a fragment that he estimated at 15-18 tons. As the investigation of the material showed that it was only to iron, they let it back. The fragment was found in later expeditions again.

    1992 American meteorite dealer was briefly detained as he tried to carry away a 37-tonne fragment - the worst that has been found so far,. The dealer had purchased the meteorite from a local who claimed to be its owner. The Argentine authorities were therefore not agree and the meteorite remained in the country.

    Overall, so far found more than 100 tons meteorite material. The larger fragments are found in and around a range of 26 craters. The largest crater has a diameter of 78 m, at a depth of 5 m.

    Through the study of petrified wood that was found in nearby crater, one determined by the radiocarbon method, the age of the crater. This seems to indicate the impact of the meteorite before 4000-6000 years have taken place.

    This meteorite is from the asteroid belt and is a rough einklassifiziert Octahedrite the group IA.
    Chemical composition:
    92.6% iron;
    6.68% nickel;
    0.43% cobalt;
    0.25% phosphorus;
    87 ppm gallium;
    407 ppm germanium;
    3.6 ppm iridium

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