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Gemstone Varieties
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Gemstone Necklaces

You will find a large selection of gemstone necklaces in various shapes here. We have a rich selection of gemstone necklace strands here. These chains not only beautify you, they can also be used for healing purposes. Each stone has a different effect and accompanies you in other life situations. Here you will find something for every occasion. Of course, you can also freely combine the stones with each other and thus create or emphasise your own style. Necklaces made of amber see category "Amber jewellery". If you are wondering when and where the common necklace as such first appeared, we have to travel back quite far in the history of mankind. But before we do that, I would like to define the term necklace. What do we consider to be a necklace? Is a stone pendant or a piece of silver jewellery on a leather strap a necklace? In principle, anything that is handcrafted and worn around the neck is a necklace. Necklaces can be made in different ways. Whether machine-made in the form of silver chains or made of pure natural materials, necklaces have different manifestations. You will find a wide selection of silver snake chains and coloured goat leather straps in our shop under the heading silver chains leather straps. In principle, a necklace serves as jewellery. Our ancestors already realised or found this out. Necklaces were made of natural materials such as leather, precious stones and bones. Order stone necklaces quickly and directly.


We produce these necklaces for wholesale.Necklaces at that time probably served as status symbols and were also often grave goods. Minerals wholesale with gemstones and gemstone necklaces. Most of our gemstone necklaces are closed with a silver clasp. Mostly a carabiner clasp is attached, which is hooked into a ring. Actually almost always made of silver 925.A large selection of raw stones and cut stones like gemstone beads for jewellery making. Of course, in our wholesale you will also find accessories such as silver parts, gold intermediate parts and crimping accessories that are necessary to make individual jewellery yourself. Of course, a competent mineral and gemstone wholesale also includes jewellery parts that you cannot find everywhere, such as stainless steel wire, jewellery clasps and a well-stocked assortment of silver beads. These chains are produced for our wholesale. Our wholesale assortment extends to jewellery DIY Material like loose beads from natural stones and many sterlingsilver findings.

New precious stones products

Opal Necklace Facetted Silver925 clasp Fire Opal gemstone beads.

Opal Necklace Facetted Silver925 clasp Fire Opal gemstone beads.

Opal Necklace 45 cm, 6 mm, facetted

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