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Ocean Jasper Donut

Ocean Jasper Donut
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11,31 EUR
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Product no.: JO007
Gemstones: Oceanjaspis
More of/as: Oceanjaspis

  • Ocean Jasper Donut

    Ocean jasper donut. Very beautiful gemstone pendant disc as in real high quality Ocean jasper with a hole in the middle. The large hole allows the wearing of your Ocean Jasper Donut both the leather band and a donut holder on the silver chain.
    The Oceanjaspis is a popular stone and this is mainly due to his different appearance. Each Ocean jasper stone has an individual appearance and thus tells its own story. For this reason, the look of your Ocean Jasper Donut will most likely differ from our illustration. Precious stones are natural products, we can not guarantee the appearance of a stone so.
    The Ocean Jasper Donut has a diameter of 30 mm.

    More Gemstone Donuts, Gemstone Pendants, Donut anchors and other products from Ocean Jasper here you can also order from us online and buy at a reasonable price. Buy your cheap here today Ocean Jasper Donut at an unbelievable price in jewelry retail and wholesale minerals. The Ocean Jasper Donut is also available at discount rates on production of a trade license.

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