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Natural Amber Pendant.
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Shells and Sea-Shells with silver

Spider Shell jewellery. Wholesale with silver jewellery and precious stones. Silver jewellery with Mussels, refined jewellery design. Not only precious stones and precious metals achieved mankind for thousands of years, but also shelless jewellery in various variants.
Ever fewer shelless, the schöner looks also in most cases. With our exculsive jewellery - news in the form of handmade Spider shells you have an absolute unique! And the Spider - shell: as the starting material, a thin layer of a shelless which hand read.
This shelless layer, thin slices a worm muschelschale round about. This was previously on quality checked and into thin slices serrate. The frameworks, the shelless Bowl are now resin to consolidate and color determination of the later shelless lovely populated and pressed in. As soon as the raw jewellery cure, it is again thin serrate and polished. Depending on which version of the jewellery, will this as the penultimate jewellery processing step to the shell.

Shell Jewellery Spider

The wording is completely 925 - he Sterling Silver. The end Polish gives the Trinket the last and perfect splendour. We have a great selection in our shop - range of this x - y jewellery. You can this jewellery design also describe, because the arrangement of the shelless elements reminiscent of these letters combination. With us has all thing the term Spider - shelless. Spider means bruennichi and webt your affiliates Similarly, how the sampling of our great Trinket. Jewellery - bastelanleitung is in all our jewellery the same. Whether it is ear trailer or rings. Using our jewellery handicraft Guide the jewellery of course yourself. However, is a certain know-how in dealing with jewellery accessories and Mussels required. Jewellery accessories in the form of Silver queues chains or leather tapes can also be found in our shop.