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Gemstone Varieties
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Haematite Gemstone Bracelet 6mm Beads
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Gemstone Cosmetic

Ground stones are used for a variety of applications. Even cosmetics made of or with precious stones are partly made with a proportion of ground stones. For ointments and creams made of precious stones, stones are ground to fine dust. The stones support the skin regenerating and firming effect of the creams and lotions. The minerals naturally revitalize and strengthen your skin. Skin moisture and cell metabolism are stimulated and your skin naturally becomes younger.
Powders made from amber or amethyst, amber, rock crystal and rose quartz are currently known. The powder from black tourmaline is something new. Stone powder is sometimes used to make ointments with precious stones. We would like to point out that our gem powder and gem products are not medicinal products within the meaning of the Medicinal Products Act.

Gemstone Cosmetic Stone powder.

We let produce these gemstone powder, sometimes are used for cosmetic- products.