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Crystals to energise your drinking water

Several minerals and crystals have the ability to energise water.

Find here a wide variety of assorted sets to energise / re-vitalise your drinking water. The most famous composition is rose quarz, crystal and amethyst.

Wholesale: The big packs for retailers you find at Big Packs. Water energising is easy and you get it for reliable prices. You can advance easyly the quality of your drinking water.

Instead of buying expensive equipment, drinking water energization can be reduced to simple Perform with the help of gemstones at home.Wasserenergie_Kanne_M_795_blau_1.jpg Gems have their own Vibrations that have a positive effect on the water. Pure water and oxygen enliven the human organism and increase our performance like that fresh water from a mountain spring. With every sip of bioenergized water passes also that substance in us, which provides us with vitality and informs all body cells with healthy growth. Energetisierte water provides better implementation of all water-soluble substances, for a special slag removal and thus also serves the weight control. Pure tap water or bottled in glass or plastic bottles is made of natural medicine Viewed as dead water because of chemical additives and industrial bottling the vital properties were withdrawn. Spring water, however, was in Earth's interior informed of bioenergetic gemstones and crystals. The same as the Minerals and crystals are given to the water through its long way in the earth's interior You can use gemstones with ordinary tap water or osmosis reach filtered water yourself. Try it, you will make the difference taste right away. Living water can contribute significantly to your well-being. Moreover, stone water can also be used for cooking, baking, desserts or personal hygiene.

Cleaning, charging the water stones:

In general, all stones should be thoroughly cleaned with water before they are used for drinking water. You can use them in the moonlight or
even in the morning sun or in the evening sun load. You can also put them on small rock crystals for a few hours.

Wassersteine Methode mit Reagenzglas :

glas_reagenzsglas_7784_EB.jpgWassersteine im ReagenzglasThis is the recommended method for water boulders:
Put smaller stones in a test tube, mixtures are also so easy to do
: Water stones for test tube in the shop

Order test tubes separately

Waterstones Method Place stones in the water :

Add approx. 50 g of stones or a little more to a glass jug per liter and mix with
Add approx. 1-2 liters of cold tap water or still water (no carbon dioxide).
After a short time, small bubbles form on the stones. The water takes
Now the information on, it is enough to let it draw for a few minutes, then can
you already drink it. Before the jug is almost empty, so the stones still with water
When fresh water is added, let it rest for a few minutes
and so on. We strongly recommend the other method with a test tube.

Important: at the latest after a week you should allow the stones a break and
to discharge them from the negative influences they have deprived of water.
For cleaning, put in cold, running water for 10 minutes, in the morning
or evening sun, but you can also put them on small hematite stones
and charge. Then use as usual. After weeks, a new mix is ​​too

Waterstones Method Initiate energies with crystal :

Use a rock crystal tip to get the energies into the water. All you need is the top of a rock crystal. Simply place the tip between the stones and the glass jug or the water glass. Wait 1 or 2 hours.Wassersteine Energie mit Bergkristall einleiten
As a reminder: nothing should be released from the stones, but only subtle energies.
Rock crystal tips to initiate

Grundsätzliche Anmerkung:

  • Recommended method is the test tube method.
    Do not just put some stones in the water.
    In the case of stone mixtures, one should be clear about the effects and interactions of the stones and only use stones that complement each other. This should be considered anyway when using stones. So more than 4 different types of stone are not actually used.
    be sure to inform in advance what effects the stones have. Not all stones are suitable for the production of healing stone water. Therefore, only use stones that are non-toxic, hard enough and where nothing can come off.
    In a gemstone essence but not the material itself but the vibration of the stones to be captured.

Gems that should not be used for essences or stone water:

  • Antimonite, azurite, azurite - malachite
    Chalcopyrite, chrysocolla, covellite (copper sulphide)
    Diopats, disthen
    Lepidolite (not in micaceous form - use thin plates, it could easily solve parts of it.)
    Malachite, marcasite
    Shell panel (zinc - sulfur compound, oxidized)
    All these stones contain different sulfur - copper - iron or metal compounds.


Water revitalization with gemstones. For minerals, various minerals and gems are used to energize water. The water quality can be improved with minerals and stones. The water can be made tastier and better tolerated.

Here you will find a selection of different compiled water treatment sets. (Water recovery). The most famous mixture is rose quartz, rock crystal and amethyst. - Also very tasty. Below from the encyclopaedia of healing stones by Michael Gienger:
Rock Crystal (Clarity): Can stimulate the body's powers and raise awareness. Should support rheumatism and heart problems.
Rose Quartz (balm for the soul): Can mobilize and support the natural defenses and can increase the well-being.
Amethyst (Calming): Can Improve Restless Sleep is available in the Healing Literature at Keywords for Lungs, Respiration, and Nerves. Drinking water can have a relaxing effect on headaches. (Amethystos: Sobriety - "Provides Sober Vision") Discover


For the individual water revitalization also the other minerals like the red jasper or the magnesite. If you use the red jasper for water energization, the mineral can boost your digestion. Together with the magnesite, the gemstone should help to lose weight. Water revitalization with magnesite can improve oxygen uptake via the blood and regulate hormone balance. Source: The Stone Healing and the Encyclopedia of Healing Stones by M. Gienger. Use this book for more tips on personal water revitalization. Safety note: Do not place the water stones directly in the water but in another glass, eg a test tube.
Wholesale: The various types of stone for water treatment are in the categories for tumbled-kg goods or large quantities of raw stones. For this you must be registered as a dealer in the shop! If we are to assemble the sets for you in larger quantities, please contact us. Gemstone water and gemstone water are best produced by yourself and do not buy ready-made water. So you can vary with the different stones and change the taste and the possible effect.


We are obliged to point out that the effect of gemstones and healing stones, minerals and crystals, is scientifically undetectable or medically recognized. It does not replace a medical advice or medical assistance. Everything written on our website is our opinion and does not provide instructions for therapy or diagnosis in the medical sense.




Water Energising

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Test tube with cork for water stones large 250x30mm

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